Over the past 5 years, I have had the unique chance to work with some of the top speaker coaches in the world. I watch how they work, learn from them, and improve my skills for public speaking private coaching. This has allowed me to hone my speaker coaching skills on hundreds of new up-and-coming public speakers in Denmark, France and Austria. I also enjoy working behind the scenes with Speaker Coaching for events such as TEDx, 6 Big Questions, and many more.

Speaker coaching is, for many people, a long term investment that helps them improve how they present themselves. Speaker coaching allows you to earn more money as a public speaker, and book more gigs.

But knowing where to start with public speaking private coaching can be difficult. There are many different speaker coaches and it’s important to find the right one for you.

In this guide, I lay out the basics of speaker coaching, and answer some of the most common questions I get asked.

What is a the difference between a speaker coach and a speaking coach?

A speaker coach helps you with all elements of public speaking, including script writing, body language, and presentation skills. A speaking coach helps you focus on the words that come out of your mouth, your breathing, your accent, and your pronunciation.

How much does speaker coaching cost?

Speaker coaching professionals offer a range of services, that start off very affordable. You may be able to get group coaching, or attend short workshops, as these are typically cheaper if you are just beginning your speaking career. Later, as you become more advanced, you may want to get one-on-one private speaker coaching. This is more customised to your needs, but of course more expensive. One of the best ways to get started is to gain the basics through online speaking courses, and go to a speaker coach only when you are ready.

How do I get better at public speaking?

1) Practice as much as you can.
2) Watch other great speakers and learn from them.
3) Collect as much feedback as you can from your audience.
4) Invest time and money in improving your skills.
5) Get speaker coaching only when you are ready.

What should I charge for public speaking?

Whatever the market will bear. Some speakers can charge more than others based on their experience, their topic, their relevance, and the value that they bring to the person or company hiring you.
You may start off speaking for free, and then building up from there. Use speaker coaching to gain confidence in your ability to charge more.

How do I improve my public speaking voice?

1) Record audio or video of yourself, and identify any major problem areas.
2) Research how to fix those problem areas, and practice every single day.
3) At the end of each month, record new audio or video and see how much progress you have made.
4) Hire a speaking coach to help you remove any stubborn or persistent problems.

How do you begin a speech?

Speaker coaching experts often suggest the best way to begin a speech is to lead with curiosity. Ask the audience a question. Get them curious about what you have to say. Curiosity makes people care.

How long should a guest speaker talk?

This depends on the topic, the energy of the audience, and the expectations of the audience. Shorter talks give high energy. Longer talks give more depth and detail.
If you want to motivate and inspire, keep things as short as you can. If you want to convey detailed information, then longer can be better, but not too long!

Can speaker coaching help me get over my fear of public speaking?

Yes, speaker coaching can help you takle your fears. Most speaker coaching will revolve around desensitisation and mindset.

What is desensitisation when speaker coaching?

Desensitisation is a great way to get over your fear of public speaking. Desensitisation is the process of doing the thing you are scared of again and again, little by little, so that over time and repetitive exposure, you are no longer afraid.
Speaker coaching can help you speak in front of one person (your trusted coach) and then in front of a small group of friends, then a small group of colleagues, then a group of strangers, then larger and larger audiences.
The more you are exposed to the thing you fear, the easier it is to handle.

What is the speaker coaching mindset?

You can improve your mindset through speaker coaching, as your coach will understand your fears and help you break them down one-by-one. By addressing your mindset you can eliminate much of your public speaking anxiety.

What is a speaker coaching course?

You can join speaker coaching courses online, or in the real world. A course is typically made up of several sessions where you iterate on one particular talk or topic. The best speaker coaching courses last for several months, as improvement takes time.

How do you speak at events?

The easiest way to get invited to speak at events is to speak at other events and be recommended by word-of-mouth. A great way to get started is to contact organisations in your local area that regularly have speakers. It could be at a university or student group, networking event, meet-up, industry gathering, or corporate event. After a bit of practice, if you do a good job, you will soon be invited to speak at other events. Good speaker coaching can help you through this difficult first phase.

Can I get speaker coaching online?

Yes. Using modern video conference technology it is perfectly fine to receive speaker coaching online. Find a good coach that gives you constructive advice and feedback.

What is a speaking engagement?

A speaking engagement simply means that you have been invited to give a talk, speech, lecture or presentation at some kind of event.

What is a keynote address?

A keynote address is a special kind of talk, speech or lecture, that typically contains the main points of the event (the key notes). A Keynote speaker will often give a talk that is an overview that sets the tone for the rest of an event. Many events have lots of different kinds of speakers, and a keynote speaker is one of the main features or attractions.

What is public speaking private coaching?

Private coaching of public speakers are special, customised one-on-one coaching sessions where you can get presentation coaching, to become the best public speaker you can be.

Should I get coaching to be an after dinner speaker?

Yes, absolutely. After dinner speaking can be one of the most difficult and challenging forms of pubic speaking. You must match the mood of the audience with a good sense of humour, style, grace and charm. These things can be very difficult to judge for yourself, so always use a private speaker coach for training in these areas.


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