If you are just getting started with your career as a public speaker, one of the best ways to promote yourself can be with good video footage.

If you are giving a lecture, presentation, talk, or any other kind of public speaking, especial at a large event, ask if your talk will be filmed. If your event planner has a great video team, make sure to ask them if you can use the videos they make to promote yourself.

Then, follow these steps to make sure that your video reaches as many people as possible.

Get your public speaking video on Youtube.

Your first tip is to make sure that your public speaking video is uploaded to youtube. Often your event organiser may have their own youtube channel, or you may want to start your own and upload the video to your own youtube page.

Youtube is by far the easiest way to share videos of your public speaking or your talk.

Youtube offers lots of settings that you can use to help improve your public speaking. For example, you can choose to turn comments on your video on or off. If you turn off your comments, it means no one can say nasty things about your talk. If you turn comments on, it means that you might be able to incorporate some of the comments from people into future versions of the talk.

If there is something unclear in your talk, something confusing, or incorrect information, people in the comments will let you know.

Remember if there are comments that are downright nasty, mean, offensive, or what you might consider as cyber-bullying, use YouTubes own “Report Abuse” functions

Youtube can give you several very important functions when you click on the “Share” button under your video.

The first function is it allows you (or anyone you know) to easily share your public speaking video across a variety of social media platforms. It also allows you to get a short link that you can send to anyone to see your public speaking in just one click. Finally, it has an “Embed” option, that allows you, or your webmaster, to place the video inside your own website.

Embed your public speaking video onto your own website.

Youtube makes this so easy to put your public speaking video onto your own website or blog.

By clicking “Share” and then “Embed” YouTube gives you special code that you can copy-and-paste directly into your own website, or your own blog, to make the video appear directly on your page.

At first, it may look a little technical, but it is really easy, and your web designer can get your public speaking video into your website in just a few minutes of work.

Youtube also has some great features for embedding your public speaking video into your website. You can chose when your video starts playing. This can be great if you want to “fast forward” through a long introduction by the events host. Or if the video is 5 hours long from an all-day event and your talk starts at the 3 hour mark, you can skip to the exact second your talk begins.

There are many other options you, or your web designer, can add to your embedded public speaking video, such as making the video play automatically, or changing how the controls for playing or pausing the video are displayed.

Add a link to your public speaking video in your email signature.

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote your public speaking video online. Simply take the short link from youtube by clicking “Share” and then “Copy”.

In your email software you can edit your email signature. This is the part of your email that typically contains your company information, phone number, and all the other stuff at the bottom of every email you send.

Here is the perfect place to add the link from YouTube to your latest public speaking video, perhaps with a little line of descriptive text saying “Click here to see my latest conference presentation”

This means that every time you send an email, another person gets to watch your latest talk.

Incorporate videos of your public speaking into your social media channels.

Make sure that your video of you public speaking is shared on channels like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and anything else you may use.

Make sure your videos are prominently promoted and easy to find.

Always set your videos of your public speaking to “Public” so that your friends can also share them. You may want to directly ask people “If you like my public speaking video, please share it with someone who may enjoy it”. This can bring a lot of new viewers to your public speaking video.

Combine your public speaking videos with others, and share them.

A great way to promote videos of yourself public speaking is to make a blog post or article where you might collect several different talks by other public speakers, and put them together in a list.

You can use YouTube’s embed codes for any video. Not just your own videos. And it’s perfectly legal to share other peoples public speaking videos alongside your own.

You may want to think about what is special about you and your talk, and find several other videos that share a common theme, and put them all together in an article on your website.

For example, you might want to think about these ideas for inspiration:

  • My top 10 talks by female entrepreneurs.
  • The best 5 presentations by Danish Athletes.
  • Top lectures every Physics student should see.
  • The most inspiring public speaking by teenagers.
  • The best TED talks by teachers.

Whatever your subject is, find several other great speakers who have talked about similar topics, and put your talk alongside theirs in a playlist. Maybe adding a little bit of text under each video saying what you like about the talk.

This article or blog post containing your list can then be shared on social media. Maybe other websites will pick up your list and share it with their audiences too, all adding to the number of people who will see your talk.

How should I show off my public speaking on video?

Keep your videos short and sweet. You may want to make multiple videos, each one focused on a specific area.

What is a speaker showcase video?

A Speaker showcase video is a supercut of several of your best points, from different talks. In a showcase video you give a short flavour about your topics, speaking subjects, and key points. Use footage from several different events to show your range and style.

What should I show in my public speaking videos?

Aim to show the best possible quality you can. Show the size of the event. Show the responses of the audience. Show yourself adding value to the attendees of the event.


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