Show Notes
8:10Keeping the Audience Interested
15:35Tiger King
16:40F*ckUp Nights Odense
17:08Beating Nerves and Shyness
24:21How to make Stress your Friend ( TED Talk )
35:45Body Language
39:20The Nihilistic Vocation of Innovation ( TED Talk )
41:10Eddie Izzard – Learning French
45:25How to use Jokes and Humour
49:10Learn how to develop character in Adams Masterclass
52:50Robin Williams
53:25Stress about Questions from the Audience
57:50Nikki Ernst – My School of Talk
1:00:00Questions and Answers
1:05:13Heather Hansen ( TED Talk )
1:08:30Presentation Skills for Groups
1:10:40Games for Actors and Non Actors – Augusto Boal (book)
1:17:20Should we do this again?

Join an online special event where you learn stories, tips and tricks for better presenting and public speaking as we discuss what it takes to build confidence, beat nerves, and engage your audience.

You will learn the tricks behind giving live pitches, presentations, exams, job interviews, conference talks and any situation where you need to present yourself at your best.

This is for anyone who is interested in presenting themselves and their work in an engaging and exciting way.

Learn How to Improve your Speaking and Presenting Skills.

How do I keep the audiences interest, get a good reaction, and keep them engaged?

How do pros add jokes, fun, and make themselves look cool and different?

How can you handle even the most difficult challenge or questions?

What tips build confidence, beat nervousness, and stop stress?

How do you present yourself and your work in the best way?

How do you perfect the art of body language?

How do you structure the perfect talk?

Presented by: Adam Montandon

Special Guest: Ioana Lazarescu – Speaker Coach

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